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Use Astrocat to track your caffeine intake throughout the day. Being more responsible with your caffeine consumption can help you focus more, stay alert, and sleep better.

Astrocat allows you to track the number of coffees you drink throughout the day, and shows you how much caffeine you currently have in your system. We calculate caffeine levels based on the average amount of caffeine per beverage, as well as the half-life of caffeine (the rate at which it leaves your body).

By showing you the caffeine content of some of the most popular drinks (like cola, cappuccinos, energy drinks, Stardust coffee, and more), Astrocat also helps you understand the impact that these products can have on you and your energy levels.
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Astrocat - Coffee Tracker - Track your caffeine intake on your AppleWatch | Product Hunt
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The Astrocat Caffeine Indicator
Sleepy cat
0 - 40
mg Caffeine
happy cat
40 - 160
mg Caffeine
wired cat
160 - 280
mg Caffeine
super wired cat
280 - 400
mg Caffeine
Danger symbol
400 - ∞
mg Caffeine
Astrocat gives you clear visual indicators on how wired you are, depending on the calculated amount of caffeine in your system. If she is ready for sleep, you are. If she is close to a breakdown, you might want to think twice about the next cup of delicious coffee.
Inspired by Felicette
Felicette was a Parisian street cat and is, to this day, the only cat to successfully reach space. She did so on a French rocket in 1963.
She is widely considered one of the great space pioneers.
Picture of Felicette
track icon
Keep track of your caffeine intake.
monitor icon
Know how much caffeine is in your system at any time.
learn icon
Learn to adjust your behaviour to optimise your intake.
Apple Watch Ultra displaying Astrocat app
Your caffeine status
The Astrocat Caffeine Indicator and the linear gauge make it easy to understand your caffeine levels.
Add Stardust
A big button in International Orange makes it easy for you to add the Stardust Adventure Coffee you've just enjoyed.
Add other drinks
Select the caffeine amount of the drink you just consumed and add it to your system.
Astrocat watch app. Add other drinks screen
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